July 24, 2008

gOoDbYe HoMe!

We are MOVING!! It's fun but
I am also sad at the same time.
We have lived here for two years and have
had lots of memories. Daxton came home to
this house. This was me and Brian's first place we
lived when we got married. I love my ward and all
the great friends I have made. We aren't moving far but
is still a pretty big change!!!! Wish us luck cause
moving is a lot crazier when you have a little helper
on your hands:). Hope everyone has a great

July 21, 2008

sAnD, SaNd and MoRe SaNd........

We went to Bear Lake this last weekend with Brian's
family. They have just recently purchased a cabin and
it has been so much fun. Daxton thought it might be a good idea
to eat the sand, but after he realized it wasnt such a bright idea.
My sister had the camera out and just happened to catch the
picture! Silly boy!

July 12, 2008

sAy ChEEsE....

I thought this was a hilarious picture of Daxton
so I thought I would share. He is such a goof ball.
I can't imagine life without him!! It's amazing
how much you can love someone!!! He teaches
me so much and continues teaching me daily!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

July 06, 2008

HaPpY 4tH oF jUlY!!!

We had such a great weekend. Brian had Friday off so we headed up to Pine View to go boating. It was such a blast. Daxton loved the tube and loved playing in the sand! He is such a funny little boy. We went four wheeling on Saturday and he loved that. He got a little worn out and slept some of the time. He loved the fireworks...but it was way past his bedtime!! Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!

July 02, 2008

AcHiEvMeNt DaYs

I am the achievement day leader in my ward
for the 8-9 year olds. Today we got together
and played balloon volleyball and had a big water
fight. It was way fun!!! Daxton enjoyed spraying
the girls with the hose!:)