March 27, 2011

more house pics.

my garage doors are missing handles and straps and hopefully my rock will be done next week and i can take a better pic!! yaya.

March 25, 2011

prOcEss Of tHe hoUse

my Granite...kind of crazy. but will look awesome with my cabinets!

pictures of the house progress!! yayaya. so so thankful for my wonderful hard working husband. he has put so so much time into this house and i cant wait to be in there cooking and cleaning!!! hopefully by easter!! yayayay.

March 17, 2011

CupcakEs anyOne?

I made cupcakes for my sunday school class last sunday....and of course you can't make anything in the kitchen without two willing helpers :) i gave them sprinkles, powdered sugar and water....they had lots of fun!

February 03, 2011

Adysens 2 year pics

My step sister in law is just getting into photography ( and she needed to take some picture of kids for an assignment!! yay. thanks for asking me rach!!! it was such a blast and Ady did SO much better then I thought she would! Daxton was awesome....he was giving out quite the poses. love these two more then i can ever explain!! still learning how to be the mom they need....but one day i hope to be who they need me to be:):)

January 21, 2011

Finally an update!!

We are alive and i am finally updating!! There has been so much going on. We are in the process of building our house and couldn't be more excited. We are hoping for the end of March. I have a pretty amazing husband! he works on the house every night....he is such a trooper! i appreciate him more then anything. Daxton started preschool and he LOVES IT. hE also celebrated his 4th birthday party at the fun park......the best thing ever. Didnt have to clean up anything:) he had lots of friends come and he had a blast. Thanks everyone!! Ady will be turning 2 on February 21st and I seriously cant believe it. My baby is 2. Crazy. We are so gratful for Brians parents for letting us invade everythinig. I am sure they are pumped to have piece and quiet. Here are some pictures to enjoy!!!!