March 31, 2009

Adysen's Blessing Day

On Sunday we were able to bless Adysen. Brian did such a wonderful job. I love him he is such a great little daddy! My sister was able to come up and bless Kellen too. It was such a wonderful day. Thanks so much to those who were there to support my little family. It meant a lot. I have the best in-laws EVER!!!! Thanks you guys.

March 18, 2009

CuTeSt kIdS oN thE bLoCk :)

March 14, 2009

Melts my heart...

Nothing gets better then this!
Here is Daxton 'flying' like an airplane.
Here is sweet Ady giving mom a smile :)
(check out those precious dimples!)


March 06, 2009

PrEtTy PrInCeSS!!

My good friend Nicole has been waiting for little Adysen to get here so she could take pictures of her....and she did such an AWESOME JOB!! I just love my little Adysen to pieces. THANKS SO SO MUCH NICOLE!! Your AMAZING.
I highly HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!!! she is awesome and great to work with.

We are aLiVe...

We are still alive! Its been busy busy busy. Daxton is doing great with Adysen. He likes to know here she is at all times and other then that he doesn't really bother much...unless she is in her swing or in her bouncer then he thinks he needs to give her an extra bounce or a couple extra HARD swings!! PoOr GiRl :)
Here are some pics......
Daxton is getting so so so FUNNY! He is talking so good. He can repeat pretty much anything you say. We are having to watch what we say for sure now days!! HaHa. Its been good for Daddy :). The picture of him in his Mickey Mouse jammies was this morning. I laughed so HARD! I woke up to this :) Who couldn't love him? He had on a glove, and a John Deere hat..backwards! I just LOVE those stinking ears!!!

Here are some pics of my growing little baby girl. We went in for her two weeks today and she weighs 7 pound 7 ounces. She is gaining weight a lot faster then Daxton. It probably helps that she weighed about a pound and a half more then him at birth and wasn't four weeks early! She for sure is a lot different then Daxton. She is kind of fiesty. It's been interesting to watch the difference in the two. She is a good baby though I can't complain. We had a couple rough nights...but last night she only woke up TWICE!! SwEeT!!!