May 29, 2009

...JuSt caUse...

shE is so AdOrAblE
Hope you ALL havE a GooD wEEkeND!

May 26, 2009


He sat on my lap for some of my exam. He wanted
to make sure everythin was okay! Thanks buddy.

They gave him this little monster and a toothbrush.
As you can see he was very intent on getting every
tooth!! Maybe we have a dentist on our hands :)

I took Daxton to the dentist today. I have been prepping him for about a week and how much fun it will be. We have been 'cleaning' our teeth together. I will let him look at my teeth and then I look at him. He did better then I could of ever imagined. They cleaned his teeth while t hey cleaned mine so I wasn't even with him!! He was in the next chair and didn't even fuss. He thought it was pretty cool. Good job buddy!!

May 19, 2009


Is my little 3 month old really already rolling over???

May 18, 2009

update on Ady

We havent found much out yet about Adysen's kidney. We went down and they had to give her a cathater and fill her bladder up with some dye. She did awesome. She didn't even cry!! She is a tough little cookie. They took x-rays and she urinated and they said that everything look good. I talked to my doctor today and he said that the report showed that the urine is not retracting so we know that the cysts are not caused from her urine backing up into her kidneys which is great news!! So the next step is to meet with a kidney specialist and hope that the cysts have gone away since there is no urine back up!! LETS CROSS OUR FINGERS AND PRAY THAT SHE HAS A HEALTHY KIDNEY. I will keep this updated as we know more. Thanks everyone for keeping little Adysen in your prayers. She means the world to us and I dont know what I would do without my little princess and my naughty two year old :)!!!!

May 12, 2009


I hope everyone had a great mothers day. We sure did! Here are some pictures of all the activities we have done over the past few days. Daxton really enjoyed the Health Days parade. It was pretty much his first one and he loved it!! We went up to Promitory point yesterday and saw the trains. He was in heaven. And a picture of ady because she is cute :)
ps. we go down to Primary Childrens on Thursday to see what is going on with Adysen's left kidney. Keep her in your prayers!! We PRAY THAT ITS WORKING AND THE CYSTS HAVE ALL WENT AWAY!!!!!