January 27, 2009

CuTe NePhEw

Here are some cute pictures of my new nephew Kellen!!!!
Hopefully his little cousin is here soon to play :)

Not much is new at the Reese house. Just waiting for baby
and getting everything ready. Daxton is started to act like
he understands a little bit more. If anyone touches my belly,
including daddy he will come take your hand off and say 'No my
baby' Its funny but I think he is going to be quite protective.
I let him make a shirt today that says 'Big Brother' and he
put his handprints all over it. He loved it it was way cute.
I am dilated to a one and 75% efaced...so that is some progress!!
I wanna make it to at least 38 weeks which would be a week from this Thursday.
I have already made it a week longer then I did with Daxton so that is
Great NEWS!!! Well I will keep things updated as they happen......

January 19, 2009


My sister insisted on getting a picture of my HUGE
35 week belly, so here ya go :)

Here is cute Kellen!!

Mommy and me! I look a little swollen, its great :)
(this was on 2 hours of sleep....funny story. Stacy
went into labor in my bed :) HAHA GOOD TIMES SISTER)

I was feeding my little nephew Tayson and Daxton

He will be a good helper, but I think some jealousy will
set in! We are super excited for sister....only 4 more weeks!

January 18, 2009

nEw BaBieS.......

My sister Stacy had her baby last night.
He weight 7 lbs 11 oz. and was 19 inches long.
She pushed for 15 minutes and he made his
debut!!! GOOD JOB SISSY!! I love you. Being
a mom is the BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!
He is adorable...here are a few pics

January 10, 2009

My little boy...no so little!!

Today we decided to switch Daxton to his big
boy bed. He thought it was pretty cool.
This is his first nap in his new big boy bed!! He
was sad and tried to get out and hit the walls a
couple times, but 20 minutes later I checked on him
and YAHOO....asleep in his bed!!
I can't believe my little boy is big enough to be doing this.
It is so sad, I did shed a tear or two, but man time flies!!!
Bring on number two so we can start from square one again :):)

January 08, 2009

cRaZy DaXtOn....

Makin some Daxton stew!

This pan made a better hat

Daxtons newest game...hide and seek!!! HILARIOUS!
you can always hear him quietly saying 'hide, hide, hide'.
If I take to long he yells 'MOM MOM' haha.
I love this little boy more and more everyday!!! He makes me
smile and laugh!!