September 29, 2008

dAxToN rEeSe

We haven't done anything exciting lately so here are just a few pictures of the week.
Daxton thought this knight costume was pretty funny. He loves his little cousin Tayson. Whenever he is laying on the floor he will go lay right by him. Hopefully he loves his little sister just as much :)

Daddy built Daxton a 'hut' and he thought it was pretty neat:)

September 23, 2008

---IT'S A GIRL---

We got our ultra sound done today and everything looked great!!
I am actually measuring 20 weeks and 1 day! She had her cute little
legs crossed and was puckering up her little lips...
I am so so excited. The whole time Daxton kept pointing
to the screen saying 'Baby, Baby' It was really cute!!
here are some pics of the day..

I had to post this pic of Daxton. We were at the dollar store one day and they had all these funny wigs outand he picked this one up. This is what he would look like if he had hair like me!! HAHAH:) He is such a stud!

September 15, 2008

bAbY bRoThEr or BaBy SiStEr??

I find out in a week what I am having....I thought it would
be fun to see what everyone thinks too!! Leave me a comment
whether you think Daxton will have a little brother or a little sister :):)

September 13, 2008

tractors & cowboy boots..

I bought Daxton these cowboy boots and
he has to wear them all day. He puts them on
all by himself and if I try to put a different pair of
shoes on he says 'Boots, Boots..' It's pretty cute!
The next pictures are of Stetson and Daxton
playin with tractors. They are best buds:)

September 10, 2008


The binkie lives on....yes I know. After three nights of no sleep and no
napping and a sick child and finally a call to the doc it was decided to resurrect the binkie.
He seriously slept like 6 hours in the past two days. Not healthy and not healthy
for a pregnant mommaaaaaaa. WOW!! We will try again in a few months.
But it will be a for sure thing then!! If anyone has advise feel free :):)

September 09, 2008

no sleep

---this is what we look like after no sleep and crying all day and night---
Second night was a DISASTER....he slept maybe four hours
and cried for about four put all together. I have tried
EVERYTHING I can think of. He won't sleep at all today.
I tried laying with him in my bed and he still screams!!!
Anyone have any suggestions I am all for it, cause
I am pretty close to giving in.............
I had my first mom break down today! I think
we cried together for like two hours, over a
stupid binkie!! are ya kidding?

September 08, 2008

...EnD oF dAy OnE...

picture tells all....
8:30 pm and I am ready for bed!!
Daxton only took an hour nap:(
He usually takes 2 two hour naps or
one two hour nap and then a three hour nap!!

oNe NiGhT dOwN....

How many more to go.....I hope not many:) We took
the beloved binkie away last night...poor boy!
He only cried for about 20 minutes, but he kept
saying 'Uh Oh momma, uh oh, uh oh'. My
heart was so sad but I stayed strong! We will
see how nap time goes today!! WISH ME LUCK:):)

September 06, 2008

bIg BoY

Brian was out of town all weekend to Montana on a fishing trip so me and Daxton went to my sisters house to visit and Daxton made some new friends. They even let him borrow a little are a few pics :)

September 01, 2008

LaBoR dAy and NeW pUpPiEs

My friend Andrea just got a brand new pomeranian it is the cutest ball of fur that I have ever seen. Daxton was a little confused, he hasnt seen that small of a dog forever. It was pretty cute though.

We went up to Bear Lake for Labor day and it was a lot of fun. We went fourwheeling and Daxton was such a trooper. It was a pretty long ride so towards the end he had to get on the Rzr with grandpa, he LOVES him. We played games, ate lots of food and played in the dirt.

This is a blurry picture but its HILARIOUS!!
This is my cute lil nephew Mason. You tell him to
cheese it and he pulls this face!! Gotta love it.