January 28, 2010

Ady is getting SO big

Ok....so i know this is horrible but the other day Ady was crawling and I look over at her and she was trying to get through this barstool and she got stuck!! I couldnt help but laugh so I had to run and get the camera!! oh man...the things she thinks she can do :)

Ady is getting so close to walking...and I put these 'squeaky' shoes on her the other morning for church and she would take a step and then look at her feet!! its hilarious.

Ady couldnt help herself...she loves food so she figured she would get in the cuboard so she could be 'extra' close!!

January 06, 2010

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

Here is a pic of Ady!

Daxton went to primary for the first time on Sunday. He was a little unsure at first but he sat on a leaders lap. I went and checked on him twice and he was sitting by himself! Good job buddy....we love you.

January 01, 2010

Christmas Time!

We got spoiled this year. We really enjoyed being around family!! Daxton loves his big boy bike and does so good on it.

Could you just just squish them cheeks? She is just darn stinking precious!

And cause im a horrible mother and NEVER documented anything about Daxton I am trying to do better!!

Ady 10 months-
Weighs 17 pounds
Sleeps all through the night
Pulls herself up to things.
Walks while holding your hands.
Says: Mama, Dada, num, brrr, no no no.
She can wave and do kisses.
She has only her two bottom teeth.
She is always smiling and HAPPY!
Her left kidney is slowly dying and her right one is getting bigger. This is exactly what we want happening and is the best outcome for her situation. She will live a normal healthy life and hopefully her right kidney will stay healthy and strong!! We now only have to meet with the nephrologist once a year until she is about 6!

Daxton 3 years-
Weighs 28 pounds
Is fully potty trained and goes all night with no accidents :) good job buddy.
Is not a huge fan yet of primary but we are working on it.
Is really clingy after nap.
Loves to sing and play the piano.
Loves playing in the snow.
Has major attitude.
Likes to tattle tale!
Loves to play with kids.
Can draw a circle. Knows most of his shapes.
Can use an Iphone better then me!
Knows his Abc's and counts to 10.
Loves to sing 'I love to see the temple' 'Old Mcdonaold' 'Bingo'
We love him to pieces and wouldnt have him any other way (somedays ;))

Lots of Catching up to do!

Daxton loves his powertools!! He is quite the worker. THANKS MASON!

Daxtons 3rd Birthday was a blast. He had lots of friends over and they spoiled him rotten! I cant believe my baby is 3! He is a terror and busy busy busy. Whatever dad/grandpa -- or anyone in general is doing anything he needs to be right in the middle. He has a curious mind and loves to work with dad. He is a love bug and still loves to be sung to at night and held after naps. He is being awesome at the big brother role. He loves Ady and Ady loves him. Its fun to watch the interaction grow and they both get bigger.