February 27, 2009

More Pics...sOrRy :)

Daxton is helping me wash bottles!! Thanks buddy...I LOVE YOU!

Holding sister. He is such a big boy!

Loves for sister....sometimes he will pretend like he is going to kiss her and then give her a big old lick up the face!! little stinker!

how cute is she?

AdySen's ArrIvAl

I got Daxton this little chair and he won't get out of it! haha. Cute kid.

Mom I am so sleepy!

Many have asked about details of Adysen's arrival....so here is probably the longest post that I will do!

Well I originally was supposed to be induced on the 16th...but my mom was in Hawaii till the 20th. So when I called to tell her I set the date she was sad and said just wait another four days....which really at the time I didn't think was that much longer, but by Thursday (my due date) I was so ready to be done!! So I changed the date to the 20th so that my mom could be there. I was told to call up to labor and delivery at 6am Friday morning...so of course the night before I tossed and turned and only got about an hour of sleep. I don't sleep well when I know something big is going to happen...well okay it doenst even have to be BIG haha. I can't sleep if I have a new outfit to wear the next day...or if I bought Daxton a cute outfit.:). Brian always gets mad and makes fun of me. So on to the story. I call at 6 am and they say that there is 10 people in there already so I would have to call back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! So to keep me busy I make Brian take me to breakfast and we try and find things to do. Around 10 I call again and they say there is now 12 people.....HMMMMMM! My doc calls about 11:30 and said that we would probably have to wait until Saturday..SERIOUS! I was pretty bummed. He wanted me to come in later that day to check my blood pressure and see if I was dilated anymore. I had been at a two forever! I go in and everything looked great. He called up to labor and delivery and they said they would call me. So about 8 at night I get a phone call and they are still pretty busy but the charge nurse wanted to get me in that night because she was afraid that tomorrow the same thing would happen and I may get pushed back till Sunday. Did anyone know that there was a waiting line to have babies? So I told her if I hadn't heard anything by midnight that I would just wait. At TEN O CLOCK we got the phone call. Up to the hospital we headed. They started me on the pit at about 11 and at 7:29 AM and 9 minutes of pushing little subborn Adysen made her arrival! There were 16 deliveries when I went in at ten and 6 more including me ready to have babies! TALK ABOUT BABY BOOM.
Everything went great after Adysen was here. I felt so much better then I did with Daxton. I was on all sorts of medicines for my blood pressure and couldn't get up and walk for two days. I was miserable. I was up walking around...cleaning :) those bathrooms sometimes scare me! haha. Daxton has adjusted pretty well, he loves his little sister but isnt to sure about all of the attention she gets. He is getting better.

I haven't told too many people about what has been going on with Adysen. So I will give a little insight. When we went in for our 20 week ultrasound to find out the gender the technician was being kind of funny. She wouldn't go into a lot of detail about much which was weird cause with Daxton they told me EVERYTHING! I am a worry wart so I leave thinking what in the world is going on. I call my doc and he says that she has some cycst on her left kidney?? serious. So me being the smart person I am start researching things on the internet...DON'T EVER DO IT! We were waiting to hear back from a specialist at Primary Children's to see what he thought. Long story short she has a Multisyctic Dysplastic left Kidney. Right now that means its just a kidney that developed cysts and it will eventually die and she will have to live on just her right kidney. We are hoping for the best though and when we go to Primary Childrens in about a month we hope that it is functioning a little bit. I have heard of some stories of children who have the same thing and 5 or 6 years down the road the cyst just go away! EVERYONE KEEP LITTLE ADYSEN IN YOUR PRAYERS!

Well that is a lot to read...ENJOY

February 26, 2009

Pretty Princess

February 24, 2009


Adysen just wanted to say hello to everyone!
Bright eyed and Beautiful :)

February 22, 2009

AdYsEn Ja ReEsE

Here I am! Adysen Ja 6lbs 14 0z -19 1/2 Inches

After 9 minutes of pushing she arrived.

Daxton is eating up being a big brother. He is such a helper :)

February 17, 2009

40 weeks and HUGE

This is the last picture of me PREGNANT!! :)

February 16, 2009

Handsome Boys

I had to show of this cute little church outfit I bought Daxton.
He looks like a little man :) Gotta love it.
Here are my two most favorite boys :). This was
right before we headed down to Layton. I told Brian
instead of flowers and stuff for me I just wanted a good
old pile of cheese fries from Training Table and some clothes
for Daxton and Ady. He is the BEST husband ever!!
He is ready to have me done being prego though....man this last weeks
are HORRIBLE!! O well she will be here in no time...

ps...don't mind Brians stache he thinks he is HILARIOUS!!
He will shave it when Ady is born don't worry!

February 14, 2009

FinIsHeD proDucT

Daxton has loved to pose for the camera lately.
Enjoy :) haha.
This is the finished bow holder. Turned out pretty

February 12, 2009

mY naMe is ShaNnA

and I MIGHT have a slight addiction......

I needed something to hang all the bows from so I went to Hobby Lobby and got some letters and threw this together. Not the cutest but it will do. I didn't realize all the bows little Adysen had until I hung them up. I still have lots more ideas haha. Hopefully she will keep the things in her hair :)

February 11, 2009

cAll me CRAZY!!!!

So I changed my day to get induced to a day AFTER my due DATE!! what the heck?? I decided that I am a pretty big momma's girl. She gets home on the 20th so if I havent had baby Adysen by then I will get induced. I just want my mom to be there!! So.......a few more days unless she decides to come on her own!!!!

February 10, 2009


So you can't really see in this picture too well....but
Its pretty cute. It took awhile but it doesn't look like it.
HaHa. O well use your imagination.
I let Daxton put his handprints on a shirt for
when baby sister comes. He loved it!!

I am getting induced on Monday at 06:00 AM!!! That's if I don't get things going on my own. I am a little nervous and also excited. My mom is in Hawaii so that is a bummer, but she will be home on Friday the 20th. I think Daxton is ready to see his little sister that we are ALWAYS talking about. I am really anxious to see how he interacts with her. Well I will keep everyone posted if anything happens between now and Monday. Wish us luck :)

February 03, 2009

HaRd at Work

Daxton's newest thing to do is work on his bikes
with dad's real tools. He will do it for hours. He always
has to put his hard hat on first. Its pretty darn funny.
When daddy gets home he makes him help him fix it.
He is getting so big and talking like CRAZY!!!!
Not much is new with baby progress. My mom leaves
to Hawaii on the 10th so I was hoping to have her
before she leaves....so we still have a few days. If not
I wanna make it to my due date which is the 19!!!
Just my luck I will have her the day after my mom leaves!
I am two weeks more pregnant then I have ever been...
and wow!!! HaHa. I feel good so I can't complain, but I am so
not very comfy, no clothes fit me and I can barely put my darn socks on :).
Hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!