March 27, 2011

more house pics.

my garage doors are missing handles and straps and hopefully my rock will be done next week and i can take a better pic!! yaya.

March 25, 2011

prOcEss Of tHe hoUse

my Granite...kind of crazy. but will look awesome with my cabinets!

pictures of the house progress!! yayaya. so so thankful for my wonderful hard working husband. he has put so so much time into this house and i cant wait to be in there cooking and cleaning!!! hopefully by easter!! yayayay.

March 17, 2011

CupcakEs anyOne?

I made cupcakes for my sunday school class last sunday....and of course you can't make anything in the kitchen without two willing helpers :) i gave them sprinkles, powdered sugar and water....they had lots of fun!