July 15, 2010


FINALLY AN UPDATE :) We have been enjoying summer and are loving the sun. We are getting excited to finally start on our house hopefully the first of August! I can't wait. We are so so thankful for our inlaws for letting us invade everything and letting us stay with them A LOT longer then we ever planned on. What would we do without family?? They are great. They may never wanna see us again after we move down the road....but ha ha. We are thankful. I just have pictures now so enjoy :)

Ady's first pig tails! happy 4th:)


Taiya and Cam said...

I LOVE Ady's pigtails, how cute! That's so exciting you get to start your house!! I'm happy for you guys.

One Happy Heart Family said...

I LOVE the piggie tails!! Isn't it fun when you can do their hair?? Well until they fight you!! LOL Your kiddos are so stinking adorable!!

Brett and Chelsea said...

Shanna, my parents love your kids. My dad always talks about how much he loves Daxton and how he loves taking him to class with him and stuff. It makes him feel proud.
Your kids are adorable.